Barlow 'Small' Well

August 14th - 21st 2013


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The Small Well is also known locally as the Children’s Well, as it was once the well that was dressed by local children, it was first dressed in 1915 by Erle Kingston. Two of the current dressers are Kingston men who began dressing the well as young boys; their skills were passed down to them by their father and grandfather.


The Small Well dressers and trustees meet together early in the year to discuss and decide on the theme for the picture.

The picture on the middle well this year is to celebrate 80 years since the first, and most famous, picture was taken of 'Nessie' the Loch Ness Monster.

This year the money raised from donations will go to Air Ambulance, British Heart Foundation and local Church.

As with the other two Barlow wells, the Small Well is dressed in situ, using only whole flower heads, hydrangea being a favourite flower often used for the sky. 


Next theme to be chosen for the Small Well?  Watch this space – or better still come and see for yourself.